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Adam Chaki - "No one knows where the hell we are"

Adam Chaki - No one knows where the hell we are
Adam Chaki

No one knows where the hell we are

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Les Disques Audiogramme inc.



You may not realize it but you have already heard the music of Adam Chaki in his stint with Canadian super band Bran Van 3000. Now on his own, this multi-talented musician brings together a wealth of musical knowledge that sapns from his playing with musicians from such places as Senegal, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Mali, Algeria, Cap Verde, Madagascar, South Africa, Congo, Kenya, and Dominica to name just a few. The great thing about this white boy with dreads is that he is able to imply a worldy sound with minimal effort. It is very similar to something that Peter Gabriel might be up to. Adam seamlessly integrates a blues feel with contemporary pop and world music to come up with a sound totally original. This album showcases yet another one of Canada's great talents. Adam Chaki is sure to gain recognition with this debut. (Audiogram 2001) >>> www.musicemissions.com



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