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Jalilah - "Raks Sharki 3: Journey of the Gipsy Dancer"

Jalilah - Raks Sharki 3: Journey of the Gipsy Dancer

Raks Sharki 3: Journey of the Gipsy Dancer

Belly Dance

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Come and join the Journey of the Gipsy Dancer alongside the Nile; a journey which inspired such orientalists as Nerval and Flaubert with the fascinating culture of the Ghawazee and their music. Listen to the authentic Saidi music soundscapes featuring some famous Musicians of the Nile. Let the remarkable music of Raks Sharki carry you into the world of the Egyptian Film, a world of sound that surrounded the fabulous singers like Oum Khalsoum and dancing moviestars like Samia Gamal and Naima Akif. Ideal for devoted dancers and wild listeners, this brand-new recording for Piranha features 12 original songs played by twenty top musicians under the musical direction of Hossam Shaker. Jalilah has once again produced a classic selection of Raks Sharki music to follow the strong tradition established in the previous Piranha successes of this series Raks Sharki and Amar 14. The use of original instruments like Rababa, Mizmar and Zagat reflects the traditional roots of this music in the setting of a high quality studio production.

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No.   Title
1. Rihlat el Ghawzia / Journey Of The Gypsy Dancer
2. Alf Leyla Wi Leyla / A Thoussand And One Nights
3. Fi Yom Wi Leyla / In A Day And A Night
4. Tabla Solo Jalilah
5. Lama Bada Yata Sama / When She Begins To Sing
6. Tamra Henna Part 1 / Henna Flower
7. Tamra Henna Part 2
8. Hobal Ala Feyn / Where Did Your Love Go
9. Zagat Naima
10. Dokku El Mazaher / Strike The Tambourines
11. Ghanili Shwaye / Sing a Little For Me
12. Rihlat El Ghawzia Finale