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# 3 Cassettes: The Klezmatics + Ali Hassan Kuban + Jalilah

Special Offer at Piranha - Limited Edition!
The cassette tape is rewinding back into our everyday lives following the big success of the LPs. We keep the romanticism of the audio tape experience and we...

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Stella Chiweshe

# 3 LPs: 'Ambuya?' + 'Ndizvozvo' + 'Chisi' - Limited Edition

Special Offer at Piranha - Limited Edition!
The queen of the Zimbabwean mbira & first PIRANHA recording artist - Stella Chiweshe - celebrates her 70th birthday...

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Fanfare Ciocarlia

3 CDs: 'Radio Pascani' + 'Baro Biao' + 'Iag Bari'

Special Offer at Piranha!
The legendary Fanfare Ciocarlia's first three CDs - all of them together at a special price!

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Robert Soko

BalkanBeats Soundlab / Vinyl

Robert Soko‘s BalkanBeats has evolved into a genre unto itself, inspiring artists and DJs all over the world. SoundLab presents his very own hand-crafted debut series of dancefloor-proofed remixes in collaboration with 21st century gypsy Florian Mikuta.


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Boban i Marko Markovic Orkestar

Golden Horns / Vinyl

"Boban i Marko Markovic' 'Golden Horn' album is a boisterous best-of selection gleaned from their physical & digital sales, YouTube views, radioplays, synch & other licensing hits. Without doubt it's an essential part of my...

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Hungarian Noir - A Tribute To The Gloomy Sunday

It is the world's deadliest song, a musical composition so lethal that merely to hear it hummed may induce suicidal tendencies. It is "Gloomy Sunday", public menace of such potentially epidemic proportions the BBC was...

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Semer Ensemble

Rescued Treasure - Live at Gorki Berlin

A Golden Age of Jewish music almost forgotten - the songs captured in 1930s‘ Berlin by Hirsch Lewin on his Semer label. The Semer Ensemble brings this astonishing music back to life with critically acclaimed concerts and...

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