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Boris Kovac - "Before and after... Apocalypse (DVD with 2 music films)"

Boris Kovac - Before and after... Apocalypse (DVD with 2 music films)
Boris Kovac

Before and after... Apocalypse (DVD with 2 music films)

Jazz / Classical

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Boris Kovac's "Last Balkan Tango" performance - staged over 100 times worldwide - creates an atmosphere of the party before the apocalypse, whereas his second film, an imaginary sentimental journey into the "World after History", evokes a post-apocalypse atmosphere. However you perceive this DVD: as a unique transmission of sounds into pictures, a chance to share his theatrical live work in perfect Surround Sound or a new way to do a "Best of ..." album, you cannot escape the mesmerising presence of this outstanding artist from the TransBalkan highway.

Part 1: Boris Kovac & LaDaABa Orchest "The Last Balkan Tango - An Apocalyptic Dance Party" - Live at Youth Theatre, Novic Sad, September 2003 (playing time 49:15)
Part 2: Boris Kovac & La Campanella Orchestra "World After History - A Sentimental Journey" - Music film based on the live performance at the Novi Sad Synagogue, July 2005 (playing time 40:10 + Extra 05:35)

Press Quotes on Boris Kovac "Before and After History"
"In these times of "Balkan Pop" and "Russian Disko", electrified polka and sentimental gypsy blues spring to mind far tos quickly when talking about music(ians) from southeastern Europe. Thus artists like Boris Kovac are easily overlooked. His artificial treatment of the balkan tradition doesn't rely on cheap club-beats, but takes (...) on the the esthetics and the world outlook of an Emir Kustoriza and combines (...) the Variété-like style of the Tiger Lillies with jazz improvisations and modern dance. Both films on this DVD captivate by their interplay of (post)apocalyptic melancholy and a tradition-conscious lust for life."
WESTZEIT, June 2008

"With his last three CDs (The Last Balkan Tango, Ballads at the End of Time, World After History) Boris Kovac, a charismatic musician from Vojvodina, the area between Serbia and Hungary, has created a very special kind of music (...) focusing on an introverted, movingly melancholy sound spectrum between mediterranean tango, k.u.k.-dance salon, mystic waltzes and balkan rumba, strongly marked by the aftermath of the last balkan war, which haunts all his musical figures like an apocalyptic trauma. It's a mixture of dionysian inebriation, nostalgia and exhilarating balkan folklore. His concerts take the audience to another world, a musical travelling circus full of longing enthusiasm oscillating between jazz and folk. All is now made visible on this DVD, two music films which take us optically into Boris Kovac's world. (...) A visual experience that is far more than a simple live concert recording."
www.sound-and-image.de, June 2008

Now available: "Before and After...Apocalypse" by Boris Kovac

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No.   Title
1. with LaDaABa ORCHEST: Welcome (01:48)
2. with LaDaABa ORCHEST: The Last Balkan Tango (07:37)
3. with LaDaABa ORCHEST: Begin-ing (11:04)
4. with LaDaABa ORCHEST: Octoberburrek (04:22)
5. with LaDaABa ORCHEST: Begin for Julia (04:39)
6. with LaDaABa ORCHEST: What Life Offers (03:35)
7. with LaDaABa ORCHEST: Tango Apocalypso (06:44)
8. with LaDaABa ORCHEST: Orient Express (09:22)
9. with La Campanella Orchestra: Intro (03:39)
10. with La Campanella Orchestra: Danza Transilvanica (03:17)
11. with La Campanella Orchestra: To Entertain You (03:33)
12. with La Campanella Orchestra: Limping Waltz (05:23)
13. with La Campanella Orchestra: Malena (05:36)
14. with La Campanella Orchestra: Damar of Istanbul (07:07)
15. with La Campanella Orchestra: Argentina (06:02)
16. with La Campanella Orchestra: Dukeland in Your Heart (05:30)
17. EXTRA: Balkatino - live at Musicas do Mundo Festival, Portugal July 2006 (05:35)



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