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Piranha Allstars - "Swimming among Sharks"

Piranha Allstars - Swimming among Sharks
Piranha Allstars

Swimming among Sharks


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Piranha Records swims among the sharks of the music industry since 1987 to bring you home sounds from home planet Earth. The Berlin based company produces, publishes and releases cool music of African, Gypsy and Balkans, Jewish, Latin and Oriental origin. The editor of the collections is anthropologist Borkowsky Akbar. His chronicle of the 15 years presents some of the PIRANHA ALLSTARS who are important for the label´s story so far: Stelle Chiwese, The Klezmatics, Ali Hassan Kuban, Jalilah, Fanfare Ciocarlia, Frank London and many others.
FEATURING: Stella Chiweshe, The Klezmatics, Ali Hassan Kuban, Jalilah, Fanfare Ciocarlia, Frank London, Orchestra Marrabenta Star de Mocamique, Salamat, Mahmoud Fadl, Fermin Muguruza, Grupo el Organo Pinareno, Daniele Sepe, Maurice el Medioni, Emil Zrihan, Eddie Bobe, Boris Kovac.

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No.   Title
1. Stella Chiweshe - Njuzu
2. The Klezmatics - Khsidim Tants / Hongagonga Mix
3. Ali Hassan Kuban - Ayga
4. Orchestra Marrabenta Star De Mocambique - Wene U N'ga Yale
5. Jalilah - Lama Bada Yata Sama / When She Begins To Sway
6. Grupo el Organo Pinareno - La Negra Tomasa
7. Salamat - Mambo El Soudani
8. Daniele Sepe - Raggasthausen
9. Maurice El Medioni - Ah! Qu'est Ce Que Tu As Changé
10. Mahmoud Fadl - Halawa Ya
11. Fanfare Ciocarlia - Asfalt Tango
12. Emil Zrihan - Kochav Tzedek (pt 1+2)
13. Eddie Bobé - NYC Quimbombo
14. Boris Kovac & LaDaABa Orchest - Orient Express
15. Fermin Muguruza - Maputxe
16. Frank London's Klezmer Brass Allstars - Doin' The Oriental (pt1)



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